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Empowering You

Heart Vision Coaching is a certified, Utah-based virtual life coaching service, established in 2018. HVC specializes in helping people with ADHD & neurodiversity navigate college, career, and transitions. My experience is concentrated in helping people of diverse ages and backgrounds find strategies for success. I bring a passion for strengths-based approaches to support and am energized by the progress and success of my clients.

"Emily understands the power of connection and everything she does is in service of her foundational belief that everyone matters and deserves to be seen."


A coach is many things but a good coach is not your therapist, friend, or advisor. A coach believes that you are the expert in your own life! They know you are already creative, resourceful, and whole. A coach is a sound-board and partner that can help you chart the path to reaching your goals and living a life that makes sense to you. 

College Friends

What Does Coaching Look Like?



Support That Makes a Difference



Executive Functioning

(Ages 16+ or Parents)

As a former Educational Psychologist and certified ADHD coach this is my most requested offering. When it comes to managing neurodivergence it isn't about trying harder, it's about trying differently! My job is to support you in identifying the tools and techniques needed to achieve a manageable and fulfilling lifestyle. You will learn a lot about living with ADHD as well as gain confidence and insight to overcome challenges. For individuals aged 16+ and parents of neurodiverse individuals.


College & Career

(Ages 16 +)

My expertise as a Learning Specialist & Educational Psychologist coupled with my experience as a University Success Coach will meet you where you are in order to support you in reaching your personal, academic, and professional goals. Deep dive with me to create your positive academic & lifestyle habits, learning & testing strategies, and develop personal accountability systems. My training and certification in various assessments give us additional tools support you through important life decisions with evidence-based practices.



Discover Your Strengths!

(Ages 16+)

The cheat codes to living your best life lie in discovering your personal strengths! Becoming a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach completely transformed my coaching. If I could offer everyone struggling with their career, feeling misunderstood, feeling stuck, overcoming low-self esteem, or dealing with burnout, this is it! Start achieving your potential and by working through your natural abilities. Stop being everything to everyone and learn to be the best version of yourself! Couples can power up the partnership by learning to see one another through the lens of Strengths. Corporate trainings, retreats, and consultation for Managers & Teams available upon request.


Authentic Engagement

"Tonight was so fun! Everyone expressed how crazy insightful that experience was."

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others in order to contribute to more inclusive, ethical, & strength based approaches. As a former Educational Psychologist and current leader in the Coaching in Higher Education space, my expertise and experience in DEIB, Strengths, and Coaching for large institutions and organizations will meet your team where they are. Deep dive with me! My training and certification in various assessments and modalities give us additional tools support you with evidence-based practices.



  1. I will continue to educate myself on issues of race, gender, politics, ethics, diagnoses, and best practices. I will continue my professional development as a coach by seeking out credentialed training and certification.

  2. I will respect your personal experience as it relates to your intersecting identities. You are resourceful, creative, and whole.

  3. I will continue to acknowledge my own intersecting privileges and actively work toward challenging my own biases so that my clients feel safe.

  4. I will continue to question the use of diagnostic criteria and formal assessment measures for racial bias and pathologizing human reactions to trauma.

  5. I will respect clients as the expert on their own experiences and lives. I will hold space to explore the clients agenda and not my own.

  6. I will make outside referrals to community service providers when appropriate. I will not see clients for needs outside of my scope of practice.


Heart Vision Coaching is committed to supporting individuals of diverse backgrounds deepen their self-understanding and overcome challenges in order to reach their highest potential and use their natural talents for the highest good.   

Let's Connect!

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