Heart Vision



Remember it's cool to be yourself

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Hi, I’m Emily

Nationally Certified Psychologist and Personal Coach

Heart Vision is my way of describing a method of designing personal goals that align with personal values.


Heart Vision Coaching is a Utah-based virtual coaching service (video-chat, phone) that combines my formal training in traditional counseling, coaching, psychology,  mindfulness, and education in order to help teens find balance and direction.  


I developed Heart Vision Coaching in 2018 to empower youth and teens to remember that it's cool to be yourself. I have experience helping others unlock their authentic voice, define and meet personal goals, and learn strategies to successfully overcome limitations.


From a strengths-based approach, we will work together to utilize where you naturally excel and are energized to support areas of weakness. I believe that capitalizing on one's talent leads to greater success than remedial strategies. 


The services I provide through HVC do not include traditional psychotherapy. HVC is an LGBTQ+ and

non-binary friendly space!


"Emily understands the power of connection and everything she does is in service of her foundational belief that everyone matters and deserves to be seen."

Rachel, UT

Let's Work Together



  • Discovering your true purpose

  • Defining goals

  • Unlocking your authentic voice

  • Utilizing your strengths

  • Understanding your character traits

  • Finding an internal sense of control

  • Meeting your potential

  • Developing coping skills

  • Improving planning and organizational skills

  • Living a life that makes sense to you

  • Waking up from autopilot with more focus

  • Evolving narrow habits

  • Adjusting to life transitions

  • Developing trusting communication skills

  • Advocating for your personal needs

  • Cultivating wisdom in your experiences

  • Navigating difficult situations