Heart Vision


Remember it's cool to be yourself.

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Hi, I’m Emily

I Coach Teens & College Students!

Heart Vision is my way of describing a method of designing personal goals that align with personal values.


Heart Vision Coaching is a Utah-based virtual coaching service (video-chat, phone) that combines my formal training in coaching, traditional counseling, psychology,  education, and mindfulness, in order to help teens and college students find balance and direction.  


I developed Heart Vision Coaching in 2018 to empower teens and college students to remember that it's cool to be yourself. I have experience helping others define and meet personal goals, learn strategies and skills to successfully overcome limitations, and unlock their authentic voice.


From a strengths-based approach, we will work together to utilize where you naturally excel and are energized to support areas of weakness. I believe that capitalizing on one's talent leads to greater success than remedial strategies. 


The services I provide through HVC do not include traditional psychotherapy. HVC is an LGBTQ+ and

non-binary friendly space!


"Emily understands the power of connection and everything she does is in service of her foundational belief that everyone matters and deserves to be seen."



  • Discovering your strengths

  • Defining goals

  • Working through challenges

  • Developing trusting communication skills

  • Advocating for your personal needs

  • Unlocking your authentic voice

  • Understanding your character traits

  • Finding an internal sense of control

  • Meeting your potential

  • Developing coping and executive functioning skills

  • Living life as it makes sense to you

  • Waking up from autopilot with more focus

  • Evolving narrow habits

  • Adjusting to life transitions

  • Cultivating wisdom in your experiences

  • Navigating difficult situations