How Coaching Differs from Therapy

Heart Vision Coaching was born out of a desire to create meaningful engagement and empower others to find growth, purpose, and accountability in order to live a meaningful life. Coaching with me is a proactive approach to development and goal achievement. Through the course of my study and clinical training, I developed a deep commitment to social justice, equity, and a holistic approach to individual and institutional health.

My coaching framework centers your personal beliefs and values within practical steps and social-emotional skill building to achieve your goals. My clients set their own agendas, this is not a packaged coaching service. I work with what is most relevant to each individual and base each session around that which feels most meaningful to you. As a coach, I will be a safe space, thought partner, and point of accountability for my clients. 

Coaching with me is based in the present and relates to your current goals, aspirations, and needs. Coaching does not follow a medical model, diagnose, or deliver treatment. High-risk needs are not appropriate for the coaching-level of services (e.g. suicidal ideation, trauma, mood disorders, alcohol or chemical dependency, rape and abuse) and should be referred for therapeutic evaluation and treatment.

I am trained to refer clients for therapy when appropriate.


What you can expect from HVC

Privacy &






Resiliency & Coping Skills

Powerful Questioning & Self-Discovery

Evidence-Based Ethical Practices

HEART /ˈhärt/ noun

       1: one’s inner most character, feelings, and inclinations

       a: the most essential or most vital part of something


VISION /ˈvi-zhən/ transitive verb

       1: to picture one’s self

       a: mode of seeing or conceiving

COACHING /ˈkōch/ noun

       1: one who trains, prompts, or instructs

       a: a thought partner for self-discovery



"When I was preparing to apply to graduate school, Emily helped me identify the skills, passions, and goals I really wanted to showcase for admissions committees around the country. Emily gave me the sort of critical feedback I needed to turn my application documents into quality submissions. What I appreciated most was the care she put into building me up as a whole person, and sticking with me in the application process until it was completed. Emily is the sort of person who knows how to hone in on and magnify all of your best qualities, and has the descriptive and prescriptive wherewithal to help you succeed."

Nathan, IL |  PhD Matriculated Student UIUC 

"Emily’s powerful approach to coaching has been an immeasurable asset in my life. Her tarot readings are a perfect compliment to her coaching. Insightful and intuitive, Emily’s coaching methods offered the support, feedback and clarity I needed to navigate many successful changes in my life."

Shae, NY 

"Mindfulness practice is quickly becoming a part of everyday support offerings in education and Emily's mindfulness curriculum was very well-received and put into use by our students and staff at school. We are grateful for her outstanding work in this area." 

Mrs. Stein-Shevell, CO

"Emily is brilliant. Her generosity, attention to detail, and formal education and training made her an invaluable asset to my team. She thrives under pressure and is always composed, striving for equity, representation, and fairness in her relationship with our students."

Mrs. Swan, UT