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MSEd, Educational Psych
ADHD Coach
Gallup Strengths Coach
All-Around Champion
for Others!

Learning is my biggest passion. Whether it is formal learning in a classroom or just learning how to love someone better, I am always interested in the mysteries of the world around me. I have always stayed curious, even in the dark times of my life. Seeking a deeper understanding and staying present with my people has always been what pulled me through.


While the thing that sets me apart from other coaches is definitely my level of education, training & experience, it's all the informal learning and skills I gained hustling in New York City through graduate school and my 20's as a hospitality server, psychologist intern, and tarot reader that taught me everything I know about how to serve others and embrace the unique diversity of each person.


I am an active member of the coaching community at-large and serve on various boards and committees with the goal of pushing this profession forward and maintaining an active commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, values, and social justice.


I have a passion for training & development and am moving into more spaces of speaking, teaching, and instruction for other professionals.


When I'm not coaching I love learning about gardening in my local community garden! I can often be found cuddling a handsome tuxedo cat named Boo or power walking to Beyoncé.

Education, Certification, Experience

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Certification of Advanced Study, Educational Psychology

Post Master's Degree | 2018

Master's Degree | 2017

University of Utah

Bachelor's of Arts in English | 2008 


  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation | September 2023

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths CoachGallup | August 2022 

  • ADHD Certified Coach, JST Coaching & Training | August 2021 

  • Certified Strong Interest Inventory PractitionerGS Consultants | September 2022

  • Certified Meyers Briggs Type Indicator PractitionerGS Consultants | November 2021

  • Nationally Certified School PsychologistNASP | 2018-2021

Committee & Volunteer

  • Coaching in Higher Education Consortium (CHEC), Executive Board Member At-Large | 2022-2024

  • CHEC | Diversity, Inclusion, Values, Equity, Social Justice Committee, Chair | 2021-2024

  • CHEC | Deep DIVES: A DEI Book Club for Coaches, Founder | 2023 

  • National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) ACAC DEI Committee, Member | 2022-2023

  • UVU Excellence in Academic Advising DEI Committee, Chair | 2021-2022

  • Utah County Elections Division | Poll Worker | 2020

Speaking & Events

  • Foundations of Inclusion: Orientation to DEI | UVU Faculty & Staff | 2022-24

  • Deep DIVES: A DEI Book Club for Coaches | CHEC 2023-2024

  • Coaching For All: Promoting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion | ICF High Country 2023

  • Designing Brilliance: Unleashing Your Inner Strengths | Corporate Team Retreat, Remedy Design 2023

  • Strengths Summit 2023: Ignite Your Potential | HVC/Somatic Design Workshop 2023

  • Coaching Below the Surface: Deep DIVES into DEIB's Role in Academic Coaching | CHEC 2023

  • Building the Coaches Toolkit: Counseling Skills for Coaches | CHEC National Conference 2023

  • Understanding Mental Health: Referrals During Crisis | Remington College 2023

  • Where's the Ringmaster? Why Executive Functioning Matters | UVU Advising Conference 2023

  • Intent vs. Impact DEI Workshop Series | NACADA ACAC 2022-2023

  • Maximizing Your Potential: Strengths-Based Advising | Utah Advising Association 2023

  • Learning From Universal Design: Creating Social Change to Accommodate All | CHEC Conference 2022

  • Advising Skills for the Pandemic Generation | UVU Advisor Training 2022

  • Challenging Conversations | UVU Professional Development Series 2021

  • Practicing Mindfulness in Your School | Utah Rural Schools Conference 2018

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