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Self-Awareness Starts with Honesty

Without self-awareness, you risk building a life or taking actions that don’t work for you.

When you are aware of your frustration triggers, you can take steps to minimize them.

When you understand what recharges your energy, you can commit time for it on your schedule.

College is a wild time. Both rejecting the expectations you were raised with but also looking to peers for hints about what to do next and what decisions to make.

Parents may have their own ideas for how to move through tasks such as:

When to study

How to set up your living space

Timelines for completing life's milestones

But for neurodivergent young adults, this advice may not make sense! Living a balanced life with ADHD isn't about trying harder, it's about trying differently!

Some of my clients with ADHD express finding relief after moving away from their origin home because they can set up life with systems and routines that work best for them. Even if they appear unconventional to neurotypical people.

In order to begin, you must be completely honest with yourself.

  • What is causing your frustration?

  • What is getting in your way?

  • Do you struggle with getting started or finishing what you start?

  • How are you about doing what you say you’ll do?

  • When have you been successful in the past?

When you know who you are and how you function (or not) you can develop strategies to boost your strengths and compensate for your challenges. The only way out is through.

By finding what works for you, you will build a life of more efficiency and ease, tailored to suit you and your lifestyle.

Some of my favorite places for ADHD Lifestyle Hacks:

Your Coach,

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