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Lindsay, Salt Lake City

"Doing my Strengths helped me see a new side of myself and understand my personality a lot better. I've always been this way, but never knew those experiences were related to my Strengths.”


with CliftonStrengths

I use Gallup CliftonStrengths because of its


Soar With Your Strenghts

Live Your Best Life Using Your Strengths!

Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential for excellence and leads you to greater performance. Don't be everything to everyone but DO be more of yourself and feel happier and more satisfied in work and life.

I am deeply passionate about the value, power, and potential CliftonStrengths offers for individuals, couples, managers, and teams. 

I have spent over 35-hours in training with Gallup in order to offer this transformative coaching service that is so dear to my heart! 

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