Top 5 Self-Care Tips for Introverts

June 27, 2019

(Written for Queeret a global movement for queer introverts)


Each day I rise, I am aware of a buzzing and anxious energy. It feels like I’ve got too much gas in the tank. 


Where I am writing in the US, our country is divided, angry, and tired. Whether you follow the news or not, we live together in the wake of this tremendous energy and emotion.


I’ve been learning slowly that burning some of the “extra fuel” helps me curb taking my feelings of defeat or disillusionment out on those I care about.


As an introvert and service provider, it is often difficult to ask for help. I’m still learning to give myself this permission. Instead, I make time for self-care.


Somewhere, somehow, self-care was redefined as sheet-masks and Netflix. Trust me, I’m down for that. But, I’m also down for figuring out what works for me on the long-haul.


Maybe you find yourself in a similar place?


I want to share with you my current Top 5 Self-Care Tips for Introverts


1. Mind the body.

This includes sleep routines, exercise routines, regular nutritious eating and mindfulness. This also includes sheet masks and Netflix. Whatever fits your body’s rhythm is what’s right for you. Take time to tune in, and take responsibility for showing up for your basic needs every day. 


2. Maintain healthy escapes.

Enjoy your hobbies, make time for friends, begin a new activity (I started running! What?! I don’t even know her!), monitor unhealthy habits. Hold yourself accountable. By scheduling healthy escapes and reflecting on poor coping strategies you are likely to find relief and release regularly and curb any desires to self-medicate that arise.  


3. Cultivate spirituality and a personal mission.

When things feel rocky, a clear purpose is very grounding. Define your core values and connect with a spiritual source of hope.


4. Explore creativity.

Every act is one of creativity if you let it be. Sign up for that workshop, cook that dish you’ve been meaning to try, lose yourself in that project, pick up that old hobby. Exploring creativity allows us to let go of our expectations and outcomes and enjoy the process. 


5. Nurture relationships.

Reach out to those that love you regularly. For me, this definitely includes animals as well. Remind yourself that you are unrepeatable and that you give and receive meaningfully in your relationships. It isn’t selfish to seek support, companionship, safe touch, or love. 



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